Programmes & Services

Every programme and service offered by ECG is customer specific. We offer a range of English language training programmes based on ensuring customers achieve pre-determined goals which enhances their international communications opportunities.

ECG’s English Language Development Programmes are designed and developed with the needs of the customer as priority. After establishing starting level, needs, and targets we recommend the type of programme to suit the customer’s time, budget, needs etc.


This form of programme is aimed at the busy executive, senior and middle manager and politician  who want maximum input and rapid results. We offer various training formats  one to one over periods of 40 hours upwards meeting on 10 to 15 occasions for a number of hours with direct one to one contact with the customer and the consultant. This programme can be spread over a number of months meeting once or twice per month based on client perferences.


Many of our clients choose skill specific programmes as a result of need for development in a key area of communication in English such as PRESENTATION SKILLS.

This programme may be on a one to one or group basis and is typically conducted over a 3 to 4 day period.


ECG offers an extensive range of Consultative and Specialised Services in ENGLISH and other languages which will ensure that the clients organisation has a professional and quality International ’face’.

We are specialists in many areas and the following represents a sample of these:

  • Seminars on Management and Organisational Issues
  • Linking with UK Enterprises and Local and National government
  • Translation of documents
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing material and Brochure preparation
  • Communications support with preparation for international meetings
  • Cross Cultural assistance
  • Written communication support
  • Imaging & Profiling organisations in English internationally
  • Coaching, Management support & Mentoring to individuals and organisations
  • Public Relations

Essential to international communications as well as to development in the clients own skills and organisational management, is having top quality support on hand when required. ECG through its CEO, John Ellard offers individuals and organisations a support service based on a contracted period agreement to totally support an individual, group or organisation in international communication issues.

This may take the form of training, support with documentation, communication on behalf of the customer, providing copywriting and translation services as well as providing advice and assistance in all forms of international contacts. This service is totally tailor made to each individual client organisation.